Welcome to Imagine Senegal!

When I was little my brother read me stories about Africa. I dreamt of going to Africa. Ten years ago I started sponsoring a child called Bocar and coincidentally he lived in Senegal. In 2010 I finally visited Bocar and that is when I fell in love with Senegal and the people of Senegal.

I came home with ideas for fundraising projects. One thing I was absolutely sure of was that money raised would go directly to the projects. Some of the money also goes to local projects in South Lakes, England. This is because I believe that my work should be for “Home and Away”. My counterpart in Senegal is Idrissa Sané who works to coordinate the projects in Senegal.

Baobab Tree Fisherman Sunset

Projects and Events to date include:

Fundraiser Music Evenings encouraging young English musicians to play in front of an audience.

A weekly stall in an Indoor market selling African, African inspired and local arts, crafts and books

Art and Photography Exhibitions

A children’s book

Funding for a Women’s cooperative in Senegal

Free English lessons for people in Senegal

Replacing a damaged and dangerous staircase at a Primary School in Senegal

A Twinning project between South Lakes English Primary Schools and Primary Schools in Senegal

Raising money for Solar Panels for a Primary School in Senegal

Future Projects Include:

A cooperative farming project in Senegal.

An art project between Artists in England and Senegal.

A Theatre project in Kendal, England.

Repairing and renovating toilets and classroom doors for a Primary School in Senegal.

And why the name "Imagine Senegal" ?? Because these words are the same in English and in French which is a common language for the many tribes of people who live together in Senegal.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website and get a flavour of the really warm Teranga! or Welcome! for which the people of Senegal are famed.

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